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Sep 9, 2011

Mellow Yellow, a day With my Family:)

I wanted to introduce you guys to my wonderful family. As I told you before my mom and brother came for a visit from Canada, so here are some pictures from out trip to the beautiful Getty Villa in Malibu. 
Biggest surprise was when I saw my little brother, he is only 16 and already over 6ft tall. I guess he is not so little anymore:) Do you guys think we look alike? What about my mom and I? 
Five years ago I lost my dad to cancer and we made it through that difficult time by loving and supporting each other. I contemplated whether I should talk about my father on this blog but decided that what happened to him is a big part of who I am today. I realized how important family is and also how important it is to cherish every single day we have together. 
So, I hope you remember to enjoy every single minute of every single day. Love,Annabelle
P.S. Emil said my shoes look like the ones Goldmember wore in Austin Powers. I decided to skip the “Don’t ever make fun of my Zanotti shoes” talk:)
Jeans – Diesel, Bag – Asos, Sweater – BCBG, Shoes – Giuseppe Zanotti, Jewelry – Planet Blue.

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