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Oct 8, 2012

Creme Brulee

Heels: via Pink & Pepper | Shorts: Asos | Blouse: Haute Hippie { similar here & here } | Bag: Marc Jacobs { also loving this one } | Jewelry: bracelet via Ily Couture, spike stretch bracelet Cara, watch Michael Kors

Spent the whole day with my girls, feels like I haven’t seen them for ages. You know how it is, life just gets so hectic sometimes… Anyway, we haven’t had a proper girls night out in a while. Well, really more like a shopping day followed by dinner and drinks at one of our favorite places. Since we were going out for dinner later, I felt like dressing up a bit. I’ve been searching for a pair of tailored white shorts, forever! Plenty of white denim cut-offs out there, yet not so many dressier versions! Well, I got these last week and couldn’t be happier. Love the glorious feeling you get when you search for something and then suddenly find exactly what you were looking for. Certainly made my day:) Of course, dinner and drinks with my girls felt like a perfect opportunity to take them out for a spin:) 

We had an absolutely fantastic day, didn’t end up buying anything important really, mostly because we were so busy chatting the entire time. But then to be honest with you, it’s pretty much always like that when we get together. There is never enough time to talk about all the things we want to talk about…  Is it like that with you guys too?


Keep on smiling,



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