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Dec 13, 2012

Casual Thursday

Turquoise suede flats via Andy Tom | J Crew tipped coat { also loving this one } | Rag & Bone mid rise legging jeans | Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC bag via StefaniBags | J Crew lambswool diamond  sweater | Pathos “All Eyes On Me“, “Golden Eye” and “Hand Of Fate” bracelets via Otrera | Marc Jacobs  mirrored sunglasses

Do you remember that old Alanis Morissette song “Isn’t it Ironic”, especially that one line about “rain on your Wedding day…”? Ok, so it didn’t rain on my Wedding day, but it did rain on my only day off in like 3 weeks. When I woke up and saw the dark & gloomy sky, for some reason it was the first thing that came to mind:) So, in an effort to save the day, I decided to engage in some retail therapy, i.e. finish up my Christmas shopping list. 
Granted, going to an outdoor mall on a rainy day could have been problematic, but Americana at Brand  happens to be one of my favorite shopping places and I was also really excited to see all the Christmas decorations. I am such a kid at heart, I love Christmas trees, garlands and lights and of course good old Christmas music. I am pretty sure I know the words to most Christmas songs! Just ask Emil, I start singing Christmas songs in November, so by late December his head is spinning:) 
Long story short, the day was completely saved and Emil and I ended up having a totally awesome time. So, who cares about bad wether, sometimes all you need to have a good time is great company, a hot cup of coffee and some serious shopping!


Keep on smiling,

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