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Apr 10, 2013

Step Into Spring

Leighann heel in chalk via Coach | Zara blouse | Bebe floral print patch pocket blazer | Essie nail polish in “Haute As Hello” | ASOS trumpet mini skirtVanessa Mooney Lynx cuff | ASOS across body bag with clean lock

Hey Everyone,

I am sure you guys remember a post I did a little while ago with my good friend Belen from B* a la Moda. Even though Belen and I never met in person, our love of fashion brought us together and we quickly became great friends. Recently, Belen and I came up with an idea of styling the same piece of clothing to showcase our individual style. I don’t know about you, but I love to see fashion from multiple points of view! 

Last time, we had a blast styling a beautiful Zara top (See my post HERE and see Belen’s post HERE), and since we had such a great time, we decided to do it again! 

THE CHALLENGE: This time, our challenge was to style a super cute ASOS skirt, which we both already had in our closets and previously wore on our blogs. However, for this post we had to style it in a new, Spring appropriate way. Naturally, we got 2 very different interpretations of the same skirt.

MY LOOK: Since I love bright colors and sharp contrasts, I decided to pair my skirt with white, black and turquoise. I am also sure you noticed, my choice of nail polish color is never incidental. For me, nail color is basically an accessory, so I always make sure it goes with whatever I’m wearing. In this instance, I think a bright peach polish gives an outfit a more Spring-appropriate feeling. 

BELEN’S LOOK: Now onto Belen’s look, I absolutely love the way Belen’s styled her skirt! The combination of white, beige and coral looks fresh and Spring-ready. I also love the way Belen paired her skirt with a trench coat – a great transitional piece, for some Spring-appropriate layering. Finally, as I mentioned before nail polish color is really a great accessory, and Belen’s bright coral nail polish adds a fun touch to her Spring look. 

To see Belen’s complete look, please CLICK HERE to visit her blog!

Hope you enjoyed our post and see you again soon!


Keep on smiling,



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