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Jan 27, 2014

#shapematters With Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Good morning and happy Monday, Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Since so many of you asked me about my beauty routine, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about a few tricks and techniques I use when applying eye make up. Before we get into eye make up application specifics, the first thing we should consider is the shape of the eye. Our eye shapes are unique, applying eye make up based on our eye shapes helps to enhance the natural beauty of our particular eye shape and of course ensure the best results! If you are not sure what your eye shape is, Smashbox created a wonderful video to help you figure it out. 

To achieve today’s look, I used Smashbox Full Exposure palette. What I like about this particular product, is the fact that it contains 14 universally flattering shades, perfect for creating anything from a simple daytime to dramatic nighttime looks. I found that the colors are highly pigmented, long-wearing, easily blendable and feel great on. The double-ended brush included with the palette, is my other personal favorite! The fluffy side is absolutely perfect for blending matte shades, and the flat side is great for laying down shimmer shades. Finally, the palette comes with an eye shape get-the-look insert, which not only helps to identify your eye shape but also gives detailed instructions, tips and tricks how to enhance the particular shape of your eyes. The palette includes 3 different looks (day, night and defined) for each of the main 6 eye shapes. For today’s post I chose to create a night look, designed to elongate and maximize the shape of the round eyes. 

To create today’s look, I started by applying a midtone slate with silver pearl all over the eye lid, using the flat side of the double-ended brush, designed specifically for application of the shimmer shadesThe best way to apply shimmer shades, is to press down rather than sweep the shades across the lid. 

Next, I applied ashy dark brown along the eye crease using the fluffy side of the double-ended brush. I find that defining the crease adds depth to the overall look and also helps to emphasize the shape of the eye. Unlike shimmer shades, the best way to apply a matte shade is to sweep the color using a back and forth motion, almost like a windshield wiper:) 

Next, I applied suede black along the top of the lash line as an eye liner, extending beyond the natural outer corner to elongate the eye and to create my beloved cat-eye look. 

Finally, I dabbed a little bit of soft gold with gold and silver pearl into the inner corner of my eyes. This trick helps to brighten the face in general and to widen the eyes. Next, I applied the same shade right on top of the cheekbones to illuminate the face and give more definition to the cheeks.  I completed this look with two coats of Full Exposure Mascara and voila! All done! 

NOW, HERE COMES THE BEST PART! Smashbox is giving away a ton a great prizes including 1,000 Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Primers and deluxe samples of the Full Exposure Palette, up to 500 full size Full Exposure Palettes and a trip to LA for 2! 


1. Submit a selfie showing off your eye shape with hashtag #ShapeMatters via Instgram, Facebook, Twitter or directly on the contest site by CLICKING HERE 

There is no limit to how many selfies you can submit, just make sure your settings are public so that entries show up on the contest page!

Smashbox Full Exposure palette | Finders Keepers dress { similar here } | Samantha Wills earrings  Tiffany & Co Atlas open ring

Thank you for reading

& Keep On Smiling,



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