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Mar 5, 2015

New in: Michael Kors Greenwich Satchel

Just couldn’t resist the urge to share a few things that are making me very happy at the moment! By  a few things I am of course referring to bags, shoes and jewelry, but you already knew that, given my profound accessory obsession:) 

The thing that is not making me very happy at the moment is the weather. Yes, I know, considering that February in California tends to be warmer than pretty much everywhere else, I can hardly complain. And yet, …. here I am complaining:) After freezing in New York, I was kinda hoping LA would greet me with some warmth and sunshine, but instead it’s been gloomy, rainy and cold. Essentially, we’ve been enjoying the kind of weather that in no way signifies that Spring is around the corner and I am oh so very ready for Spring! 

So, in an effort to chase away my February blues, I’ve been indulging in some serious Spring shopping and I have to say that the results have been most satisfying:)

This year, my Spring shopping started with an item that is always at the top of my Spring/Summer must have list, i.e. the white bag. Aside from color, what attracted me to this MICHAEL by Michael Kors Greenwich satchel is the contrast black interior and of course the shape! I love structured bags, but when they also happen to be a perfect combination of polish and laid back ease, I find them completely irresistible! In fact, I find them so irresistible, I am considering getting another one, since it comes in a few different colors… The only problem is that I can’t decide between the raspberry and blue. What do you guys think? Raspberry, blue or both? 🙂 

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Greenwich large saffiano leather satchel in optic white & black, Edison leather brogue, pave gold-tone knuckle ring, gold-tone trip-stack ring, pave gold-tone arrow open cuff, pave gold-tone bangle & pave and logo gold-tone bracelet set 

Special thank you to my bfs at MK! Love, love, love my new Michael Kors swag! 🙂

Thank you for reading
& Keep On Smiling,

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