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Mar 2, 2015

The 70s Flare

I love skinny jeans! I love them a lot in fact, but after wearing skinnies pretty much non stop for the past few years, I am ready to add something different to my denim repertoire. 

Why flares, you ask? Why not straight leg or boyfriend, for example? Well, mainly because I think flare is probably one of the most flattering jean-shapes there is, provided of course they fit properly. Like any other girl who is 5.8 and has a penchant for sky-high heels, when I talk about the proper fit, it’s all about the length!

I have a few pet peeves when it comes to clothing, but all of them pale in comparison to my hatred of short jeans and pants. When flares are long enough ( go all the way to the ground and cover your footwear completely), you look like you’re 20 feet tall and the have the longest pair of legs in the universe, but when they’re too short, well, let’s just say the results aren’t pretty 🙂 

So, after trying a million different pairs on, here is what I found :

Most jeans come in 32 or 34 length. I tried 34 on, and though they look alright at first ( not all the way to the floor but pretty darn close ), they tend to ride up as you walk and eventually end up looking way too short. 

35 length was definitely good but 36 was even better:) Unfortunately, I found only a few denim labels that make jeans this long. If I had to choose two favorites, I would go with Stella McCartney and FRAME Denim, the later being my particular obsession at the moment due to a few amazing styles and washes! 

What about you guys, how do you feel about the flare? 

Stella McCartney The 70th Flare jeans | Sandro sweater & Vega jacket { in cobalt blue here } | Free People school boy hatChanel Boy flap bag in perforated leather Wanderlust & Co chevron double silver ring 

Thank you for reading
& Keep On Smiling,


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