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Jun 3, 2015

Mellow Yellow

There are very few places that make me feel the way I do in Palm Springs. I don’t know what it is, the sun, the endless dips in the pool or the cooling drinks with little umbrellas in them, but honestly, Palm Springs is the place where I feel completely relaxed and at peace… Since Emil and I share this obsession, we like to get away to Palm Springs every chance we get and spend a few days in nothing other than our swim suits, soaking up the sun and working on our tans.

Though we’ve stayed at a few different places in Palm Springs, Viceroy, sorry Avalon ( still can’t get used to the name change ) is our absolute favorite. Aside from the beautiful property, I think what we like the most about Avalon is the pool area, and since that’s where we spend the majority of our time, it’s important. The salt water pool, cute sunny yellow umbrellas and comfy loungers, which incidentally match my new bikini perfectly, and lots and lots of pretty greenery around, I mean what else can a person ask for?

Talking about my new bikini, I’ve been looking for a reversible suit for some time now, and this pretty sunny-yellow number from Via Delle Perle immediately caught my eye. I love yellow bikinis, I think they are classic and look so great on tan skin. But what I like about this particular one is the fact that it reverses to a pretty floral print, so you basically get two swimsuits in one. I also got a matching Via Delle Perle coverup jacket complete with a hood, sheer sleeves and pockets, basically all those little details I appreciate so much! Wise decision on getting that jacket, by the way! Cause we get so lazy in Palm Springs I don’t even bother changing for dinner, normally I throw something over my bikini and off we go and this coverup jacket paired with denim shorts looked super cute!

What about you guys, what are your favorite vacation spots?

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