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Nov 29, 2015


I love keeping busy! No really, for me, busy is exciting! A truly packed schedule is what I crave and how I function best! Don’t really know what it is, but I’ve always been this way. Unless I have a million things to do, I feel like I’m slacking:) And yet, every once in a while, especially after a particularly crazy week, there is nothing I enjoy more than a quiet Sunday at home! 

I guess you could call it a ritual, but I love getting up really early Sunday morning and spending the day doing all my favorite girly things! I light some candles, put on my coziest sweater and lounge around indulging in some personal pampering like trying out new skin care, experimenting with my eye make up,  painting my nails or catching up on some reading as I savor my morning coffee.

I big fan of soft pink nail polish in general, I just can’t get over this pretty Holiday ‘Roses in Snow” duo from Deborah Lippmann! Today, I opted to layer the glitter coat over the soft pink nail polish, but next time, I might just opt for glittery french tips or make a statement by adding the glitter coat to just my ring fingers:)

Can’t really decide what I love more, the packaging or the scent!:) Love, love, love how fun and sexy Viva La Juicy fragrance is! Usually, I like to apply perfume on the inside of my wrists and not just my neck to really amplify the fragrance and make it last all day!

Candy-inspired eye-shadow colors? Yes, please! Love how blendable these shimmery and glittery shades are and rich and intense the colors are. Personal favorite color combo of the moment is “Strawberry Ice” paired with ‘Sugared Violet”!

You know me, skincare is my thing and face masks are my obsession! Seriously, I can’t image a personal pampering day without trying out a new mask:) This mask/scrub combo from One Love Organics is my latest discovery. For a good exfoliating effect, I mix this powder mask with warm water in equal parts, but you can also mix it with greek yogurt for a more clarifying effect or with raw honey to hydrate the skin.

Reading in bed is my guilty pleasure! Really, all I truly need to make my day is a good cup of coffee, some cozy blankets and a really good book to read! Currently, I’m reading Living In Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour and indulging in some style insights from the effortlessly glamorous Rachel Zoe, who is also one of my personal fashion icons.

I can’t get enough of this pretty Essence of Florets candle from DL & C! Pretty scent and beautiful packaging, I just love the way it fills the room with a delicate floral fragrance! 

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