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Dec 21, 2015


Though I’ve been talking quite a bit about beauty recently, and especially the power make-up has to complete a given look, I haven’t really addressed how important I feel fragrance is. For me, fragrance is like second skin! It’s an integral part of who I am and unlike make-up, which changes depending on occasion or outfit, is a signature and a constant. Much more than a lingering trail of sweetness you leave behind, in a way, fragrance is an external representation of who you are, or even would like to be.

Now, I fully admit that I do change my signature scent from time to time. Yet, because my relationship with fragrance is so personal, it happens quite seldom and often represents a change or a significant event in my life. Recently, I’ve made a switch to a bolder, exotic floral scent from Eau So Love’s collection, entitled Eau So Fearless. Inspired by courage and the aspiration to leave a positive and indelible mark on the world, I absolutely love how light and refreshing this vibrant, passionate and spirited fragrance of exotic flowers, luscious fruits and creamy woods is! I enjoy the Eau So Love’s perfume collection in general. It consists of 6 beautiful fragrances ( Eau So Fearless, Eau So Adorable, Eau So Fabulous, Eau So Glamorous, Eau So Pretty and Eau So Spectacular ), each of which is inspired by the endurance of Love and the 1960’s movement, which encouraged women to make their own choices, carve their own paths and make a personal statement about who they are and what it is exactly that they want out of life. However, something about Eau So Fearless in particular resonated with me. I don’t know what it is really, but every time I put it on, I feel just a little stronger and bolder and even more powerful in a way! And that of course, is a good thing indeed!:)

At the moment I am using the entire Eau So FEARLESS collection because I am so enamored with this fragrance. Consisting of 4 products designed to work together to provide long lasting scent without being heavy or overpowering, I start my routine with Creamy Body Wash. I really like how gentle and moisturizing it is. As I have mentioned before, dry skin is a bit of concern for me, so it’s really nice to find a product that leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and smelling amazing:) Next comes the Sheer Body Lotion which I absolutely love, because it delivers lightweight moisture without being greasy. It contains Vitamin E and I have to say that I can really see how soft and radiant my skin looks and feels after every application. Finishing touches: Fine Fragrance Mist which I love to spray all over for a really light, lingering scent followed by a few sprays of Eau So FEARLESS Eau de Parfum on my neck and inner wrists for a bold scent that lasts all day! And voila! All done and ready to face any challenges that may come my way!:) 

What about you guys? Do you have a special relationship with fragrance as well?

EAU SO LOVE’S Eau So FearlessEau So AdorableEau So FabulousEau So GlamorousEau So PrettyEau So Spectacular | THALE BLANC Tiffany Micro pearl bag | NHA KHANH dress 

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Thank you to Love’s Fragrance for today’s #sponsored post! 

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