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Jan 4, 2016

70s Flair

Funny, as much as I talk about how much I love wearing something new, if I had to be really honest, I’d say that in many ways, wearing my tried and true favorites is what I love the most. In fact, most of the prized pieces I have in my closet, the ones I really enjoy putting on every time without exception have been with me for years. Like old friends you can always rely on, I can count on them to make an outfit and make me feel great while I wear them every time.

Well, today’s outfit just happens to feature some of these pieces. I picked up this suede trench coat just before Paris Fashion Week, and haven’t stopped wearing it since. Aside from the fact that I love trench coats in general, this particular one is basically a perfect combination of all the elements one could look for in a trench coat. Not afraid of using the word “perfect” too much when referring to this particular piece, everything about it is just, well… perfect from material and color to length and fit. I’ve worn it a million times, in a million ways, and I’ve yet to find something it doesn’t work with, and of course you know how important versatility is to me. 

The same logic applies to this Chloe bag. I honestly marvel at it’s ability to make and complete outfits! Like magic, it has the most astonishing power to transform the most simplest of looks into polished outfits and add a perfect ( there I go using the word “perfect” again, but I struggle to describe it in any other way ) touch of drama! Basically there isn’t a slouchy jean, plain t-shirt combo in the world this bag couldn’t elevate to a guaranteed fabulousness of the highest degree:) And of course being a big fan of both, slouchy jeans and simple t-shirts, I truly appreciate this little super power!

What about you guys? Which do you prefer, new or tried and tested favorites? 

FRAME Le Duster suede coat | HUDSON Taylor high waist flare jeans | CHLOE Hudson bag | ESTELLE DEVE ring set { similar here } | BARDOT denim shirt { similar here & here } | ISABEL MARANT pumps | NIALAYA Skyfall horn necklace | LARSSON & JENNINGS Lader suede & gold plated watch 

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