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Jan 23, 2016

Black & White

After living in LA for more than 10 years, when it comes to weather, the one thing I still find difficult to adjust to is how quickly it changes. Just when you get used to wearing sweaters and coats, it plays a trick on you and sends one of those super warm days your way. Not that I mind the warmth and sunshine! Yet, trying to dress in a weather-appropriate manner can get a little tricky.

Take this week for example, it started off nice and cool. Basically, by Cali standards completely coat appropriate temperatures. Then 2 days ago, the weather decided that it had enough of winter, and took us into a full summer mode! Well, … what is a girl to do but bust out her new spring wardrobe! The plus side, beside the gorgeous warm weather of course, is that I get to wear my new spring favorites a little early. Or, a lot early in this case! 🙂 

IRO Shera jacket & Nicole skirt | B-LOW THE BELT Ana wrap belt | DIOR So Real 48mm sunglasses | SAINT LAURENT Embellished leather ankle boots | CHANEL bag 

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