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Apr 29, 2016

Into the Blue

Avid explorers, I don’t think there is anything Emil and I enjoy quite as much as our little road trips! For the most part, whenever we feel like hitting the road, we have a destination in mind, but every once in a while, we simply let the road decide for us. The latter is definitely a more adventurous option, yet so far, we haven’t been disappointed and always ended up somewhere amazing! 

This time around, the road took us to Laguna Beach. Sure, we’ve been to Laguna before, but for some reason we always ended up in the same places, so this time around, we vowed to ignore the familiar routs and went exploring instead! Well, our aim for adventure-packed trip paid off because we ended up discovering a new gem, i.e the cutest sea-side hotel I’ve ever seen! So pretty, it honestly looked like something off a postcard! Basically, our new favorite place and one of the best examples why we love these road trips so much!

Aside from great adventures and discoveries, another reason why I love these road trips so much is because we always aim to make them all about indulging in our favorite things like wining and dining, breakfasts in bed, sunset strolls and in my case, playing dress up and indulging in a few of my favorite beauty rituals. As much as I enjoy a bit of pampering, I don’t always have the time to indulge in my favorite beauty rituals at home. And so, these road trips provide a perfect opportunity to wind down, paint my nails, use my favorite face and hair masks, or simply soak in a tub slowly sipping on champaign!:)

Speaking of beauty rituals and indulgences, though I don’t necessarily have the time to indulge in every one of my favorite beauty rituals every day, the one indulgence I simply can’t be without lately is my new body wash from Caress. What makes this one different from any other body wash I’ve ever used is the fragrance touch technology, which allows you to touch your skin up to 12 hours after showering to release fragrance. The body wash comes in 4 different fine fragrances: Mystique Forever, Love Forever, Adore Forever and Enchant Forever, which is my particular favorite. Something about this feminine, flirty, charming combination of honeysuckle and satinwood just makes my heart melt! I’ve always believed in the importance of fragrance, in fact in many ways I consider it one of my ultimate beauty must-haves. Unlike anything else really, the right fragrance speaks of who you are and what you like but also in many ways transforms how you feel, I know I certainly feel a little more special every time I use Enchant Forever!:)

What about you guys, have you tried the new Caress Forever Collection body washes? If you have, what’s your favorite fragrance?

MLM Billow dress { in army & white here } | CHELSEA PARIS Ada strappy sandals | CHANEL Boy flap bag in perforated leather | ILLESTEVA Boca mirrored sunglasses { in blue here 

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