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May 23, 2016

Isabel Marant Blanket Coat

The one month a year I get to complain about LA weather is finally upon us! Well technically speaking, I should never complain about the weather in LA, but after a relatively warm April, going back to wearing jackets and jeans in May feels a bit strange! And the funny thing is that though it happens every year, somehow I am always surprised. Usually, I store my winter/fall pieces right after I come back from Paris Fashion Week in February, settle quite comfortably into my spring/summer wardrobe and decide that we’ll be basking in warmth and sunshine until roughly early November ( definitely wishful thinking on my part ). And than “June Gloom” happens, or in this case “May Meh” which is a nickname Emil and I came up with for the rainy, gloomy weather we’ve been enjoying lately!

Yet, despite the fact that I definitely miss the warmth and the sunshine, busting out my favorite Isabel Marant blanket coat does a wonderful job chasing away the blues! I got it right before Paris Fashion Week and haven’t really had the chance to wear it as much as I would like, so I’m definitely happy I get to wear it some more this year.:) So, I hope you don’t mid seeing a bit more of it in the next few weeks!:)

ISABEL MARANT ETOILE Breeda Blanket coat | ISABEL MARANT Jaeryn grommet-studded sandals { in brown here } | CHANEL bag | AYR jeans { similar options here & here } | SHASHI Swirl midi ring, Rebecca ring & Ava ring | SONIX Bisous phone cover 

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