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May 19, 2016

Vivaluxury x Gold Philosophy

The first time I came across Gold Philosophy jewels was probably a little less than 2 years ago. It was late at night, and I was indulging in a bit of on-line shopping, otherwise known as retail therapy, after a very long and exhausting day. On that particular occasion, and though it’s been a while I remember it quite vividly, I was on a quest to find a beautiful pair of pearl earrings I spotted in a magazine add somewhere. After searching for a while, I finally came across Gold Philosophy web page and there they were, starring right at me, even more beautiful and delicate than I remembered! As I started to browse the rest of the website, I kept finding more and more pieces I absolutely loved!

I think one of the main reasons why Gold Philosophy jewelry made such a striking impression on me is because I felt a deep connection to their modern meets edgy, and chic meets classic esthetic. You see, I’ve always felt that there is a certain duality when comes to my personal style. On one hand, I adore very elegant and feminine prices, yet I am equality attracted to bolder and slightly edgier silhouettes. Naturally, the idea of combining classically beautiful pearls with modern and innovative settings really resonated with me! 

Today, I am exciting to announce that I am partnering with Gold Philosophy to curate a 10-piece collection featuring a few of my current favorites! Designed to be worn on their own or layered, I love how each  and every piece complements each other and just how bold and striking they are! Another reason why I love this collection is versatility! I know, I talk about it a lot, but when it comes to jewelry, I really appreciate pieces I can dress up or down and wear for day and night and these stunners look equality good with jeans and cocktails dresses! So I hope you enjoy! 

VivaLuxury x Gold Philosophy Delphine Collar, Brier Pearl Collar, Charlotte Bangle, Delphine Ear Cuff, Trilliant Earrings, Clara Ear Crawlers, Brier Crawler Ring, PavĂ© Caged Pearl Ring, Trilliant Double Ring & Delphine Pearl Cluster Double Ring | MISHA COLLECTION Genevra jacket | J BRAND jeans 

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