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Jun 13, 2016

KÉrastase Magistral

If you read my blog on the regular, you may remember that I had the pleasure of teaming up with a luxury hair care brand Kérastase while I was in Paris during February Fashion Week. As part of our collaboration, I got a chance to learn more about their iconic Nutritive and new Nutritive Magistral haircare ranges and find out first hand about the research and innovation behind the brand’s latest technological advancements. I also got a behind the scenes glimpse into Kérastase’s #HairLanguage campaign. The brand partnered with the former FBI agent, Joe Navarro to showcase the secret meaning behind the way women touch their hair. The campaign unveils that when a woman’s hair is dry to the touch, her range of self-expression is limited, and Kérastase aims to help women revitalize  their hair so it is soft, smooth and completely irresistible to the touch!

After I came back from Paris, I continued using the Nutritive Magistral range, and I have to say that the results have been absolutely amazing! Seeing an enormous difference that the right products made in the way my hair looks and feels has been a completely transformative experience!

Though I briefly touched upon some of the challenges I face when it comes to taking care of my hair in the past, I’ll mention some of them again, if you don’t mind. The biggest challenge is definitely the constant sun exposure. Though I try to cover up my hair whenever I can, I simply cannot avoid the damaging heat and harsh sun rays altogether, so without special care, my hair can become very dry and brittle. Another challenge is styling. I curl or straighten my hair everyday, no exceptions. So, unless I use the right hair care products, heating tools wreak havoc on my hair, and leave it looking dry, frizzy, brittle and completely lackluster! 

Since I’ve started using the Nutritive Magistral range the first and biggest difference I noticed is how much softer and shinier my hair is! The collection is formulated with resin from Benjoin Tree, which is able to recreate inner nutrition from within. Over time, the health of my hair definitely continued to improve and now, it’s fuller, much more manageable, and easier to style! Naturally, I absolutely love that! As far as my current hair care routine is concerned, here is what I’m doing at the moment:

I start by washing my hair with Kérastase Bain Magistral, a deeply nourishing shampoo that softens the hair and makes it really shiny, smooth and soft to the touch.

Next, I apply Fondant Magistral, a daily, nourishing conditionerand keep it on for about 2-5 minutes. Once a week or whenever I feel that my hair needs a deep conditioning treatment, I like to use Masque Magistral, which is an intense nourishing treatment designed especially to replenish moisture for very dry hair.

Finally, before styling, I apply Crème Magistrale Nutrition Balm to towel dried hair. What I particularly like about this leave-in balm, is the fact that not only does it protect my hair from heat damage, it also leaves it shiny and smooth.  

In addition to the at-home Nutritive Magistral regiment, once or twice a month I get the in-salon Nutritive Protocole Immunité custom-tailored treatment which is designed to nourish dry hair in just 15 minutes. What I particularly like about it is the fact that it is custom blended for each client depending on their level of dryness. So, for example when I come back from Palm Springs after spending a few days in dry heat, I definitely opt for an uber moisturizing treatment to keep my hair from going dry and frizzy! Honestly, this treatment is amazing and I highly recommend it, so if you find that your hair needs a little pampering CLICK HERE to find a Kérastase salon near you that offers this service.

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