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Jun 8, 2016

Wedding Season Ready

It’s official, the wedding season is finally upon us! So, since I’ve never really talked about how Emil and I get ready for a special occasions, such as a wedding for example, I thought it would be fun to  share some of our time-tested recipes to make this day as enjoyable as possible!

After being together for a little over 10 years and attending countless weddings together, one of the most important things we’ve learned is the importance of fighting the urge to get stressed out and making sure to keep things as fun and relaxed as possible! Take last weekend for example, we were invited to a family friend’s garden-themed wedding reception in West Hollywood on Saturday evening, so Emil and I decided that this was a perfect opportunity to have a staycation! So on Friday, we packed our weekenders and headed to WeHo! To set the right mood for the day, we spent Saturday morning indulging in some of favorites, i.e. brunching in bed, doing a bit of reading, but mostly, binge-watching old episodes of Family Guy! Basically, a perfect Saturday morning in every sense!

Since I always choose my outfits well in advance ( definitely a lot less stressful this way, plus you have ample time to think about hair and make up ), getting dressed takes me no time at all. The way I like to choose my outfits is by by thinking about the setting. Is the event taking place at a very formal banquet hall, or is it more of a casual outdoor party? On this particular occasion, it was a garden-themed wedding with a decidedly casual vibe, so I decided to forgo a formal dress and opted to wear a romantic ruffled two-piece in a prettiest shade of pink in stead. To continue with the romantic theme, I paired my ruffled two-piece with a cute cross-body mini bag in a matching shade of pink and sky-high metallic platform sandals, to add just a bit of dressiness to the look. Finishing touch, cute pearl ear cuffs, and a few layered rings in gold.

As far as evening make up goes, I definitely prefer that smoky-eye, nude lip look. On this occasion, because my outfit had such a soft and romantic feel, I didn’t want to create a very heavy smoky-eye, so I went with very soft grayish, lavender eye shadow, cat eye liner and matte pinky-nude lipstick.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I prefer to wear my hair down, except maybe for a few very rare formal occasions, when up-do is an absolute must! Since romance was definitely the theme of the day, I decided that voluminous, softly sculpted waves were the perfect hair style to complete my outfit! Super simple to re-create, I started by spraying sections of my hair ( I worked with 2nd day hair, since my fine hair tends to hold styles better the next day ) with Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. I always use this spay on my hair before curling or straightening because not only does it protect my hair from heat-damage but also keeps it very shiny, soft and manageable. Next, I curled 1 inch hair sections using a curling wand. Wands tend to work a bit faster than curling irons, so 2-5 seconds is definitely ample to time get that perfect curl. Once all of my hair was curled, I spayed sections of my hair with Tresemme TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray, making sure to hold the spray about 10 inches away from my hair! This one, is definitely my favorite extra-hold hair spray at the moment because while it helps to keep my hair styles in tact, it leaves my hair shiny, not matte and doesn’t flake at all!



Super easy and simple, this look took me a little over an hour and a half start to finish, hair, make up and getting dressed included. I even had time to do my best Queen B impression while wearing Emil’s suit ( my voice definitely needs some serious work, but getting it wrong is part of the fun ). As usual, I was dressed first, sitting on the couch, sipping my Rosé and watching Emil run around in his pjs, looking for his shoes, all while trying to tame his hair. Though his hair is super short, it’s quite thick and course, so he used to spend ages getting it picture-ready. But he’s made a switch to AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade recently, which made things a lot easier!


P.S. We made it to the reception and this time around we were there on time! Well, …. practically on time!It’s a work in progress! 🙂



WHO WHAT WEAR x TARGET Ruffle top & Layered ruffled skirt | GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Lavinia platform sandals | MIU MIU Madras mini leather cross body bag | VivaLuxury x Gold Philosophy Delphine Ear Cuff, Trilliant Earrings & Clara Ear Crawlers

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