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Jul 21, 2016

Chanel Blues

Well, my obsession with vintage and hard-to-find designer favorites has reached absolutely astronomical proportions recently! It all started a few month ago, when I spotted a Chanel canvas tote in an old magazine and fell in love with it the moment I saw it! I looked for it everywhere, I think I called every Chanel store in US hoping they could find one for me, but alas, I got the same response wherever I called. The bag was no longer available, and my chances of finding one were pretty much slim to none.




Though I have to admit I nearly gave up looking for it a few times, something about that particular bag stuck with me and so I continued my search hoping against all odds I might come across it somewhere. Well, I suppose my persistence paid off because I was browsing Trendlee‘s New Arrivals section late one night, and there it was, staring right at me, available and ready to ship!:)




The first time my new canvas Chanel made an appearance on this blog, I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking what my experience buying designer second-hand was like, and the best advice I could give in this particular case is the following. If you’re thinking about investing into second-hand luxury, buying from a trusted source is a must. Reason why I chose Trendlee is because they had a certificate of authentication, and a really good return policy which made me feel secure splurging on such a big purchase.


Today’s cobalt blue velvet Chanel Boy bag is my latest Trendlee splurge! I’ve had my eye on it for about 3 year now, but had a hard time fining one in this beautiful vibrant blue color. Naturally, when I spotted it on Trendlee, I knew it was fate! Aside from color and the fact that I have a weakness for Chanel Boys in general because they have a completely magical ability to elevate any outfit, something about the size of this bag makes it particularly versatile! So good with any night-time looks, I also love the way it pairs with casual pieces and adds a bit of drama to simple everyday staples! Basically, I can wear it with anything! And of course you know what a fan of this particular quality I am!

P.S. Use VIVALUXURY to get 5% off on –>¬†Trendlee!

CHANEL Boy bag in blue velvet | DEREK LAM 10 CROSBY Tie Waist shirtdress | STELLA MCCARTNEY Elyse platform shoes | DIOR So Real sunglasses 

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