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Jul 3, 2016

Maui Memories

People often say that one of the best aspects of traveling is the fact that it expends your horizons, and though I definitely agree with this statement, when I think about what it is that I love about traveling so much, I feel that it’s the memories I acquire that I treasure the most. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I travel, I feel that somehow I am more open, in tune with reality, and perhaps to some degree, even more aware of everything around me, which is possibly the reason why experiences feel richer and create much more lasting and vivid memories. To give an example, if I had to give account of my Tuesday in LA last week, I would have to pause for a moment and think about it, yet I could describe  a trip I took with my parents when I was just 5 years old with great detail. Why is it that I treasure memories so much? Mostly, because I think that life in general is really a collection of memories, and  it makes sense to acquire as many lasting ones as you possibly can, so that when you look back you can savor them or re-live them if you will, again and again!

P.S. Stay tuned for another Maui post coming up next week, where I talk about all my favorite places and things to do! Special thank you to Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Maui for making our stay absolutely unforgettable!

HEMANT AND NANDITA Embroidered tunic | ALAMEDA TURQUESA Crayon sandals { also love this version } | H&M Push-up bikini top & bikini bottom | MLM LABEL Maison dress | SOLUDOS Gladiator lace up sandals | CHLOE Jayme cat-eye gold tone sunglasses | SHASHI Swirl midi ring, Rebecca ring & Ava ring | VivaLuxury x Gold Philosophy Trilliant Earrings

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