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Jul 16, 2016

Take me to the Beach

Though I love Palm Springs ( our last two visits here & here ) and always look forward to spending a few relaxing days indulging in some pool time fun, when the temperature climbs up all the way to 117 degrees ( 47 degrees celsius ), even I, a person who normally loves the heat, find myself wishing for a slightly cooler weather:) Thankfully, out of the 4 days we spent in Palm Springs last week, only Thursday was this hot, and the rest of the time it was really quite lovely, so we’ve had ample opportunities to work on our tans!

Surprisingly, when we got back to LA, even though it was only 90 degrees ( I say only in comparison to 117 in Palm Springs ), it felt like we literally stepped into a sauna! Hot and humid, I honestly feel like it’s the latter that always makes LA feel hotter than it actually is! And so, after hopping from one air-conditioned space to another for a few days, we decided to pack up and head to Malibu, which tends to be quite a few degrees cooler than LA. Well, Malibu did not disappoint, because it was perfect in every way imaginable! Warm and sunny, with just a hint of that cool breeze that makes spending time at the beach so much more enjoyable!

Though we tend to spend majority of our time in Malibu at the beach ( so my wardrobe mainly consists of swimsuits and floppy hats), I always make sure to bring a few cute cover ups and fun sandals with me. The beyond gorgeous embroidered tunic and mini skirt from Tory Burch I’m wearing in today’s post, are definitely my favorite at the moment! Love, love, love everything about these pieces! Gorgeous color combo, perfect easy-breezy silhouettes, and the mini skirt has that twirl-worthy factor I can never quite resist! For today’s look, I paired them with another favorite, i.e. Aquazzura pom pom sandals ( last seen here ). Firstly, I love the white, blue and red color combo period, but mostly, I kinda think that these babies make every outfit a little more fun!:) And I don’t know about you guys, but for me, beach outfits are all about color and fun!:)

TORY BURCH Madison embroidered striped Oxford tunic & Grace embroidered striped Oxford mini skirt | SENSI STUDIO Maxi woven toquilla straw tote | AQUAZZURA Pom Pom sandals | LARSSON & JENNINGS Lader leather strap watch 

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