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Aug 21, 2017

Perfect at-home Care for Colored Hair

If you happen to read my blog on the regular, you may have noticed that my hair has undergone a transformation a few month ago: I said goodbye to my warm honey-brown main mane and hello to a much lighter, cooler shade, and… I couldn’t be happier! I feel like for the very first time in a long while I am once again excited about my color, and actually look forward to salon visits because I know that when I step out, my color will always look amazing!

Yet, and I am sure you will agree if you ever when went a few shades lighter, this lighter, cooler shade requires maintenance and regular/frequent salon visits, otherwise it can turn brassy in a drop of a pin. So, as much as I was willing to commit to frequent salon visits to maintain this color, my busy schedule and constant travel would often get in a the way, and by week 3, my color would start looking dull, lackluster and brassy.

Well as luck would have it, at a recent brunch with my Kérastase fam, I happened to bring up some of these concerns and they suggested I try the new Kérastase Reflection Chromatique line, which is designed specifically to revive color, neutralize unwanted tones, and add subtle deposits of color to prolong results between salon visits, and I absolutely LOVE IT! Aside from the fact that it makes my hair shiny and healthy, my color looks much more brilliant and vibrant for longer, in fact, I am actually able to go to my colorist less frequently, which works rather nicely, since we travel so much as of late.

Another reason I like using Reflection Chromatique line is because it is easy to use and does not require an extensive time commitment on my part. In fact, my current routine consists of 3 easy steps:

I start by washing my hair with Bain Chromatique Sulfate-Free, a multi-protecting shampoo, which cleanses hair gently to protect and help maintain color.

Next, I apply Fondant Chromatique, a conditioner designed specifically for color treated hair and keep it on for about five minutes. After washing it off and rinsing my hair with cold water to bring out the shine, I move on to step three.

Finally, and this is my favorite part because it always makes my hair look absolutely brilliant, once a week I complete my routine with the Touche Chromatique Cool Blonde Kit, a personalized color correcting care designed specifically for color-treated hair to refresh color, up the intensity, and prolong results between salon visits. Super easy to use, the kit contains 2 color-care products – Masque Chromatique and Touche Chromatique, which I mix in a bowl, apply to damp hair and keep on for about 5 minutes!

Why I love it? Well, as I have mentioned before, aside from the fact that it makes my color look fresh and new, it helps to neutralize and prevent unwanted brassy undertones, which I obviously love but also because my hair feels deeply nourished, very soft and shiny after! Basically, it makes my hair look exactly the way it does when I step out of the salon, so naturally I am completely and totally obsessed!

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