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Aug 4, 2017

Provence with Mon Guerlain

I have very few dreams that lingered as much as the one to visit Provence one day. The one destination that was always at the top of my must-see list, somehow ( and I blame it on my schedule and life in general ) I never actually got around to visiting. Well…, that is until now, because when about 3 weeks ago Guerlain, otherwise known as one of my favorite beauty brands of all time, reached out offering a chance to visit Provence and discover their latest amazing fragrance – Mon Guerlain, it seemed like a match made in heaven.

We arrived to Provence early in the morning and checked in to our home away from home for the next few days, the charming Le Domaine du Colombier. Postcard perfect, we fell in love with this rustic, boutique style hotel the moment we saw it! So, if you guys happen to find yourselves in the area, I highly recommend it! Think french country decor, amazingly delicious food and gorgeous scenery all around! The hotel is also located in the heart of Provence, which happens to be the place where Guerlain sourced all of its lavender for the Mon Guerlain scent, so, there is a little bit of beautiful Provence in every fragrance bottle.


After settling in, we spent the rest of the day hiking, discovering the area, and visiting the Baume des Anges farm where we learned about plant extracts and why Baume des Anges extracts are so unique, different and flavorful! After our hike, we were treated to a glass of cold, lavender lemonade ( which contain lavender extract from Baume des Anges, same extract that is in the Mon Guerlain fragrance ) and I can tell you that I have never tried anything quite like that before! We learned that lavender extract can be used in so many ways such as cooking, adding flavor to dessert and drinks, and of course make beautiful scents, like Mon Guerlain, that we get to wear every day. We wrapped up our afternoon with a mini picnic and learning a bit more about the nature surrounding us. It was so serene and beautiful! Once we got back to our hotel, it was time to get ready for dinner. It was a lovely evening learning more about Mon Guerlain from the Guerlain team, such as the inspiration behind the scent, and mingling with other influencers from all over the world.

The following morning we got up early and headed over to the lavender fields. Provence has lavender fields all over, however, we got to visit the exact field where lavender was harvested for the Mon Guerlain fragrance. Believe it or not, all the lavender for the scent is sourced from the same place, and we got to visit it. The visit really put into perspective all the steps that need to be taken to create a scent; it certainly made me appreciate fragrances that much more! Visiting lavender fields had been on my bucket list for a while, and I’m thankful to Guerlain for taking me there and teaching me so much about the process that goes into creating lavender extract and eventually a fragrance. After the lavender fields, our entire crew headed over to have some lunch at the cutest little restaurant with a gorgeous view where we got to try lavender inspired desserts in the end. So delicious! I wish there was a place in LA where I could eat those. To continue with the lavender theme, after lunch we headed over to the distillery to see how the process of distilling lavender works. We got to see the exact place where the lavender extract is created that then goes into the Mon Guerlain bottle. So cool!

This trip was incredible in so many different ways for me. I finally got to visit Provence after years and years of wanting to see the place; not only that, but I got to experience it with Guerlain and learn all about how Mon Guerlain fragrance came to life and even visit the field where lavender for this fragrance was collected. I got to meet some of the team behind the scent – everyone was so passionate and dedicated, it was an absolute pleasure to get to know them and spend some time with them. Now, every time I reach for my Mon Guerlain bottle, I’m instantly filled with incredible memories that transport me to the peaceful and beautiful Provence. I felt an immediate attraction to this very sensual and feminine fragrance, because as I have mentioned before, for me fragrance is very personal, and I connected to this fragrance on a very intimate level. I’ve often said that when it comes to personal style, effortless elegance and sophistication is what I strive for, and for me, the stark contrast between Carla lavender and sweetness of the vanilla Tahitensis evoke a feeling of just that!

P.S. Discover Mon Guerlain on by CLICKING HERE 

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