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Oct 11, 2017

A Peek Inside My Closet

I don’t know about you guys, but watching a favorite show at the end of a busy day has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, and shows that center around the world of fashion, and ultra-luxurious wardrobes and lifestyles, have always been my particular favorite. This brings me to the exciting news I have to share with you guys! On October 11 The CW is premiering a new series –  Dynasty. If like myself, you’re seeking a bit of sartorial inspiration and a peek inside the fabulous lives and closets of the fashion elite, you’ll definitely love this show!


This of course got me thinking that I’ve never really given you all a proper tour of my own closet, so I thought it might be fun to give you a peek inside and share some of my favorite items and prized possessions.

If you’ve been following for a while you probably already know that my style is largely influenced by the places where I lived. I was born in Latvia, later on my family and I moved to Canada, and finally a few years ago I moved to LA. Each of those places certainly played a role in how I dress and style my outfits. As a Canadian girl living in LA, I have a soft spot for casual pieces and outfits, but the European in me will always reach for a fabulous pair of heels or a statement accessory to dress up a casual look.

As much as I love clothes, it is accessories that I get excited about the most! I love adding a very sophisticated piece, like a velvet choker or a pair of embellished heels to very casual every day separates like jeans and t-shirts. My go-to statement accessories at the moment are a leather beret from Gucci and a vintage chain necklace from Chanel.

Shoes happen to be my particular obsession!  At any particular point in time there are at least 5 pairs of shoes that I’m thinking of adding to my collection. Not sure what it is really, but I simply can’t resist a great pair of heels! Though it’s hard to name my absolute favorite pair of heels at the moment ( they are all so different, I love them all for different reasons ) but I suppose my J’Adior velvet pumps is the pair I am particularly in love with at the moment. Velvet is huge this season, and I simply adore the way these Dior heels add an instant touch of glamour to any look. Another favorite, my pale-pink satin Miu Miu mules. So good with any evening look, and I also love wearing them with casual pieces like jeans and t-shirt whenever I feel the need to dress up a casual outfit.

Bags are the other love of my life! In my opinion nothing adds polish and sophistication to an outfit quite like a good bag does. Whenever I decide to add a bag to my collection, the first question I ask myself is whether I can see it styled in a multitude of ways and worn with many different types of outfits. Though I still get a few misses here and there, for the most part, all the bags in my closet are incredibly versatile.Some of my absolute favorites are my Chanel Gabrielle bag and the Louis Vuitton Petit Malle clutch, which both made numerous appearances on this blog precisely because I could wear them with just about everything! Love that!

As far as clothes are concerned, I love really luxurious vintage pieces. I believe in splurging on items that have longevity. I got my first vintage Chanel blazer about 5 years ago, and it looks just as relevant today as the day I got it. Yet, I do not usually invest in things like everyday tops, denim, and certain accessories, like sunglasses for example, since a lot of times these are seasonal items. I believe in investing in pieces I will wear again and again, year after year, or key accessories because a lot of times they are what keeps an outfit current and of the moment. As for the rest, I definitely prefer to save on items I need to update every season.


A few years ago, I heard the term “shop your own closet” and it virtually changed the way I organize things. Aside from cleaning my closet out regularly, at least every season, my golden rule is to keep things that I absolutely love. So, if something has been out of rotation for a few months, I discard it without mercy.

I also believe in a well-organized closet. Keeping things neat and tidy helps me find what it is that I’m looking for quickly, but also makes the process of styling an outfit an absolute pleasure. Generally speaking, I like to organize items by color and category ( dresses with dresses, tops with tops, etc.). I also love adding a few pretty touches here and there, like fresh flowers, a pretty painting, a beautiful jewelry box. These small little details make the world of difference to me, and I can tell you that now, I enjoy “shopping my own closet” a lot more than I used to! How about you guys, what are some of your favorite pieces and how do you like to organize your closet?

P.S. Don’t forget to watch the series premiere of Dynasty on October 11 at 9/8C on The CW! I know I’ll be tuning in.

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