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Aug 8, 2019

Lotusland Santa Barbara with Etro

It’s funny that although Edward and I always wanted to visit Lotusland in Santa Barbara somehow the moment was never right, and so when Etro reached out inviting us to spend a weekend with them and visit this gorgeous place, we couldn’t be happier! Aside from the fact that I love Etro, those of you who’ve been with me for a while probably know that our relationship started years ago, and to this day, I am very lucky to have a special friendship with this wonderful brand. Lotusland is definitely one of the most magical botanic gardens out there, so a chance to finally see it was a dream come true for me!

We arrived to Santa Barbara on a Friday afternoon and spent the next few days at the gorgeous Belmond El Encanto. A perfect hideaway, it’s definitely one of our favorite places to visit when we’re looking to get away from the busy LA for a few days. We love the privacy of the bungalows, the calm and very relaxed atmosphere of the place, the delicious food (seriously, we always order in whenever we stay there), the lush landscape and the gardens and of course the views… And those views are absolutely incredible, suffice to say that some of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve ever seen were enjoyed from our balcony in Belmond…

Another reason why we love it is because being there makes you feel incredibly relaxed and at peace… We never get to sleep in at home, so when we take time off, we try and give ourselves a bit of a break and turn our alarm clocks off. We started our Saturday with a late breakfast, followed by some quality time at the pool and a stroll through the gardens! The property is absolutely gorgeous, lush and green, flowers absolutely everywhere, and of course you know how much  love those!

We finished this magical day with a stroll through Lotusland, and it was definitely an unforgettable experience! There are several different gardens on the property, and although it wasn’t easy to pick a favorite, the water garden had me coming back again and again! I absolutely adore the lotus flower, but there is also something incredibly serene and magical about the setting itself! We ended our night with cocktails and dinner at the property, which gave us a chance to catch up with our Etro fam, and make new friends! All and all, an incredible experience, if you guys ever decide to visit Santa Barbara, I definitely recommend visiting Lotusland, I guarantee you will not regret it!


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