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Jun 7, 2020

Black-Owned Businesses to Support Now & Always

All across the US we are witnessing repeated injustices against the Black Community. As part of a collective action to bring about change it is incredibly important to support Black-Owned businesses, and I implore you to shop from/support these business if you can!

Claude Home – absolutely extraordinary selection of vintage furniture perfectly illustrated by the stunning Shearling Womb chair. Check them out if you’re looking for truly unique, one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories!

Smallneeds – beautiful vintage clothing and accessories, currently have my eye on these stunning oversized pearl earrings and this crochet jumper!

Propa Beauty – I am particularly compelled by the beautiful story of this brand which aims to make products to harness the fantastic work and support women give to each other every day. Check out their highly pigmented collection of lipstick shades (made with no toxic ingredients) which depict a diverse amount of lip pigments!

Jade Swim – luxe minimal swimwear at it’s finest! The motto of the brand is simple but more than basic and you know how this message resonates with my personal esthetic… Check out this stunning one-piece (love all the colors but there is just something about this muted coral) or this asymmetric bandeau top in Palm…

KNC BEAUTY – there is a reason why this brand was instantly picked up by Sephora, Net-a-Porter, Violet Grey & Neiman Marcus! If dry lips happen to be a problem (definitely something I constantly struggle with) I highly recommend trying this All Natural Kiss My Lips lip mask & this Lip Balm (especially in Rose flavor).

KLUR – the motto of this clean, ethical and inclusive beauty brand is to demonstrate that skin wellness can be achieved with well-considered, clean products and minimal maintenance, a message that always resonated with me. One of my all time favorite products is Elements of Comfort Botanical Oil. Love the delicate fragrance, love how silky my skin feels after each use, love that it’s a multipurpose product that can be used on hair as well!

AAKS – incredibly chic, handcrafted raffia bags which incorporate the weaving techniques done by the women of Ghana. The essence of AAKS incorporates authenticity, ethical production and creating sustainable jobs within Africa. Absolutely involve with this statement ruffle tote or this oversized marvel in gorgeous orange/burgundy combination!

GOODEE – is a global marketplace that fosters transparent sourcing, upcycling and ethical treatment of employees, and offers a remarkable selection of goods made with intention, quality and care by purposeful companies. A few personal favorites include this organic cotton tote, cushion cover in Indigo Tie Dye & this cool sweatshirt (especially in multicolor)!

Élan Byrd – it was love at first sight the moment I saw Élan Byrd’s masterful collages! What particularly attracted me to her work is the fact that she creates one-of-a-kind, small quantity items made from natural fibers and other resources from the earth. Click here to experience some of her recent work.

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