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Aug 2, 2020

Bright, clear, luminous skin in just 4 weeks! Here's how!

So, you guys know that I don’t necessarily love wearing a lot of make up, especially when it comes to foundation. Personally, I prefer products with lighter coverage just because I like a more natural look, but because I use products that offer less coverage, I’m always looking for skincare to even out my skin tone, improve texture and help lighten some of the dark spots that I have.

So 2 weeks ago I started using RoC Revive + Glow Daily Serum and also the Vitamin C Gel-Cream.


Just in general, why is vitamin C such a great ingerdient to use in scincare? So, vitamin C is an antioxidant but it also has some acidic properties, which means that it can help even out your skin tone and texture, it can help with hyperpigmentation, and it can also help smooth your skin and give it that beautiful glow that we are all looking for. And that’s exactly what  RoC Revive + Glow Daily Serum and the Vitamin C Gel-Cream  are designed to do.

I have combination skin which tends to get pretty oily around t-zone, and so I have to be especially careful with products that I use because I can break out pretty easily if I am not using the right products. What I like about RoC Vitamin C products, is the fact that neither the Serum nor the Gel-Cream feel heavy or oily on.

Currently, I use Roc Vitamin C line morning and night. I always start with the Serum and follow with the Gel-Cream. The great thing about this Serum is that it starts working right away to give your face a beautiful glow and to revive tired skin. But also, this Serum works overtime, so far, I noticed an improvement in my skin tone, my skin also feels tighter and looks brighter. And I also noticed a reduction in fine lines I have around my mouth area.

Next, I follow with the Vitamin C Gel-Cream. For me, finding a moisturizing cream that doesn’t break me out is extremely difficult. Most of the time, when I sue a heavy moisturizer my skin starts feeling and looking oily, and I break out in red bumps all over. This cream on the other hand actually hydrates for 24 hours but it feels completely weightless. And as soon as I apply it, my skin looks refreshed and plumper. I also find that it’s a really good base for foundation, so normally, I use this cream right before I apply my tinted moisturizer. Once again, the Gel-Cream also works overtime to help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

As always, if you have any questions, just put them comments and I’ll be happy to answer! By the way, I also filmed an IGTV video on these two  products, why I love them + application tips, Watch It below:

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Been using @RoCSkincare's new Revive + Glow Multi Correxion collection powered by Vitamin C and I love what I'm seeing! #Ad If you're like me, and don't necessarily love wearing heavy foundation but still want your skin to look glowy and flawless, I would seriously recommend trying this line. Watch the video to see how it works, how I like to layer the two products, and the results I've experienced so far! #rocglow P.S. The #RoCSkincare Revive + Glow Multi Correxion collection is now available at @Target, click on the links below to SHOP: Revive + Glow Daily Serum: Revive + Glow Gel-Cream:

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RoC Multi Correxion Revive Vitamin C Glow Daily Serum, Multi Correxion Revive Vitamin C Glow Gel Cream, and Retinol Correxion Eye Cream

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Multi Correxion Revive Vitamin C Glow Daily SerumRoC

Multi Correxion Revive Vitamin C Glow Gel CreamRoC

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Multi Correxion Revive Vitamin C Glow Daily SerumRoC

Multi Correxion Revive Vitamin C Glow Gel CreamRoC

Retinol Correxion Eye CreamRoC

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