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Apr 22, 2021

Still Dressing Down Your Loungewear? Here's a New Way To Wear Your Casual Basics!

Love to wear loungewear in and out of the house? Here’s a new way to dress up your loungewear & fave casual basics with just a few simple accessories & dressy staples!

Dress up your favorite loungewear set with a sharp blazer and a polished bag. Sounds simple, but honestly, this combo never fails!

Micro trend alert: sets are a big trend this season especially when it comes to loungewear. So be on a lookout for a cute sweatshirt/shorts combo which is perfect for Spring and Summer!

Dress up your loungewear look with a bit of sparkle by adding an oversized chunky chain necklace. Not too girly or pretty, chain jewelry adds that perfect touch of cool to casual looks!

Another way to dress up your loungewear set is by tying a sweatshirt/sweater around your hips or shoulders. This trend is everywhere this season, and it’s a super simple styling trick to make your casual outfit look more thoughtful and deliberate.

I always rely on the right accessories to drive this look home. Quick tip: don’t go too dressy with your shoes and bags. Think square toe or minimalistic sandals on a medium or low heel and sharp day bags!



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