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Dec 27, 2021

Lucky Colors to Wear for New Year's 2022

What are some of the lucky colors to wear for New Year’s Eve in 2022? Although there are several, if you are looking for inner balance, love and affection, wear something pink to ring in this New Year!

In general, the color pink represents friendship, as well as inner calm and balance. In a more romantic sense, wearing pink encourages love, affection and of course, intimacy. So if you are looking for some good luck in those areas, keep this pretty shade in mind when putting together your New Year’s Eve look.

Posted all outfit details on my SHOP INSTAGRAM page, so CLICK HERE to Shop this Look! I also linked to a few gorgeous dresses in the lucky pink shade, hope you enjoy.

Happy Holidays, Everyone! May the New Year bring you all the luck and prosperity in the world!

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Shop the Look


Shop the Look

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