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Jan 24, 2022

How To Make Stirrup Leggings or Pants Trend Look Chic

Sadly, I am old enough to remember when stirrup leggings were on trend the first time… I say sadly, because this year I am turning 41 and I am still having a hard time grasping this. I remember my mom had a pair in the 80s, and they were almost always styled in a rather casual way, typically with oversized sweaters and sneakers. The 2022 approach to stirrup trend is slightly different. In 2022, we are wearing this rather casual item in a a much more chic and polished way.

Today, I’d like to share my favorite way to style this trendy item. First change is of course the shoe style. Rather than opting for a pair of sneakers, try pairing your stirrup leggings with heels like the Saint Laurent Vesper pumps I am wearing in today’s post (linking to more Saint Laurent Vesper pump colors HERE). This elevated shoe style adds a dressy touch, which helps to add polish to your look.

Secondly, instead of opting for an oversized casual sweater or a hoodie, try pairing your stirrup leggings with tailored toppers like mid-length coats or oversized blazers. Tailored pieces do a great job balancing the casual feel of the leggings but also pair great with elevated pumps. Today, I am wearing a coat from The Frankie Shop, a brand I have been obsessed with for some time now. I adore their impeccable quality and trendy tailoring, (linking to different colors of this coat HERE).

Last but certainly not least, complete your look with a structured bag, like the Saint Laurent Nano Manhattan bag I am wearing in today’s look. Polished accents add a perfect finishing touch to your stirrup leggings look and help bring all the elements together.

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