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Jan 27, 2022

Lucky Color to Wear in 2022, The Year of The Tiger

Although there are a few colors that are said to bring luck in 2022 – Cerulean Blue, Fiery Red and Imperial Yellow, if you are looking for harmony, growth and positive energy in your life, green is definitely the color to wear! Traditionally, green represents healing, nature, health and well-being, it is also believed that the color green helps to lessen anxiety and bring the feeling of calm.

Personally, I love wearing green, because there are so many gorgeous green-shades to choose from! Emerald, mint green, khaki, forest green: the options are endless and I truly believe there is a perfect shade of green for everyone. For example, if you not a fan of bright green shades, opt for olive green, moss or hunter green (calmer green shades perfect for winter).

How do I typically wear green? Typically, I like to combine green with white, black or brown shades. For example, I’d pair a green jacket or a sweater with black jeans and a few white accents.

I am linking to the dress I am wearing in this post on my SHOP INSTAGRAM PAGE as well as a few cute green jackets, dresses & sweaters in various shades. Hope you enjoy!


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