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May 30, 2022

The Skirt Trend I am Obsessed With - How I'm Wearing Pleated Mini Skirts This Summer

Blame it on Miu Miu, but pleated mini skirts are a huge trend this summer! If you happen to like this skirt style as well and want to jump on this trend, here are a few quick tips how you can make this trend work for you.

Miu Miu pleated mini skirts are lovely, but if you’re not a fan of low waistlines (or rather super low waistlines), higher waistline options are having a moment just the same. This style is of course much easier to wear, and gives you many more styling options.

Personally, I like to pair pleated mini skirts with bodysuits, shrunken cardigans, crop tops  and oversized blazers.

Footwear plays in equally important part. I prefer pairing pleated mini skirts with chunkier shoe options like combat boots, chunky loafers or sneakers. This shoe style tends to create a nice balance between the masculine and feminine elements of the look.

Though obviously pleated mini skirts come in all kinds of colors, personally I love the classic black. There is just something very chic about a black mini and I especially love how polished it looks when I pair it with an oversized blazer, chunky loafers and a chic bag.

I’ve added a few different pleated skirt styles & tops to pair them with to MY SHOP INSTAGRAM page, so check it out if you like this trend as much as I do!

Added details of this look to MY SHOP INSTAGRAM page, so CLICK HERE to check it out!


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