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May 26, 2022

These Dion Lee Wide Leg Macrame Pants are My Best Nordstrom Find

I love shopping at Nordstrom and these Dion Lee macrame wide leg pants are my latest and greatest find! You know me, I love wide leg pants and so I’m always on a lookout for a new pair. What attracted me to this particular style is the macrame insert at the waist, which adds a cool touch to this otherwise rather classic black pant.

By the way, I sized up on these pants because I prefer a slightly loose fit, but if you want them to sit higher on the waist, just opt for your regular size.

For today’s look, I paired them with a backless black shirt. The shirt is also new and I like the versatility it offers. By the way, I pinned it in the front to bare the midriff, but you can of course let it casually hang in the front or tuck it in for a slightly more polished look.

As always, whenever I wear something backless, I feel the need to mention appropriate bra options. Personally, I don’t like going without a bra completely so I use Booby Tape. I’ve talked about it so many times on this site, but honestly, for me, it’s a game changer. The only adhesive bra option that sticks to my body, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a bit of support or more coverage.

Added details of this look to MY SHOP INSTAGRAM page, so CLICK HERE to check it out!



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