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Jul 8, 2022

Pair Your Pretty Summer Dresses with Sneakers because... Why Not?

Pairing your pretty summer dresses with sneakers may not be an obvious choice, and yet I rather enjoy this nonchalant pairing! I always felt that footwear helps to define the feel of an outfit. High heels tend to dress a look up, while sneakers help to create a more casual and effortless feel.

Case in point, the gorgeous maxi eyelet dress I am wearing in today’s post. Although I do enjoy the way it pairs with heels, for everyday wear, I prefer the more casual feel sneakers add to this otherwise very pretty, embellished dress.


Added a bucket hat last minute because I love a chic element it adds to this look! Sadly all the online retailers are sold out of the particular color I am wearing here (Got mine at a little store in Newport Beach), but linking to a very similar color here.

As far as sneakers to pair with your dresses are concerned, I suggest going for a solid color (white generally works best) and also opting for a classic shape. These YSL babies are new, and I am obsessed! They look stunning with pants, sneakers and pretty dresses alike. Also linking to a high top version here.

As always, CLICK HERE to Shop Everything I am wearing in this post!

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